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General Lab Testing Information

  • What is a "Laboratory Test"?"
    By definition, a laboratory test is a medical procedure that involves testing a sample of blood, urine or other biological specimen. It is used to evaluate how your body is functioning, detect, diagnose and monitor diseases and illnesses. Laboratory tests can also detect, identify and quantify substances; as well as establish probabilities of relationships or genetic matches.
  • How is the lab test performed?
    Our staff will gently draw the necessary amount of blood or collect any other appropriate biological specimen needed for the specific test, label it appropriately, complete needed paperwork or chain-of-custody documentation, and , if needed, send it to our accredited/certified laboratory partner for analysis. Most test results are available within minutes or up to 48 business hours after specimen collection. For longer result durations, we will contact ou to advise your test results are ready for pick-up or other approved delivery method.
  • How do I interpret my test results?
    The results are in an easy‐to‐read format that clearly states if the test is within the normal range, positive or negative; or in matters of family relationship DNA testing, the statistical probability of relationship.
  • How long will I need to wait in the lobby before you collect my specimens?
    Your time is valuable. Most of our clients are in and out in 45 minutes or less.
  • Does Premier Lab Testing keep a copy of my laboratory test results?
    Yes, we are required by law to keep records on file for 7 years.
  • Will my medical insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid pay for my test through Premier Lab Testing?"
    Premier Lab Testing does not accept medical insurance. In some cases, your lab test and its payment may be accepted and reimbursed by your insurance company in accordance with the terms of your policy. Please, check with your insurance company. Cash and all major credit cards are accepted.
  • Am I required to provide formal identification when I order a lab test?
    Yes, a valid ID is required for all screenings.
  • Are your lab tests free?
    Our tests are not free; however, they are very affordable.
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